NRV Passenger Rail Study


Welcome to the New River Valley Passenger Rail Study project website! The purpose of this study is to evaluate a potential passenger rail stop in the New River Valley region. The planning process will achieve the following primary goals:

  1. Identify the potential demand for ridership
  2. Evaluate potential stop locations
  3. Document logistics and operational needs

  1. Measure local impacts
  2. Develop implementation strategies

The graphic below illustrates the conceptual milestones for this work.


The MPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will serve as the primary working group for this project. Since all TAC meetings are open to the public, others are welcome to join if they so choose. This webpage contains project research, meeting notes, and other relevant project materials. In addition, a project ftp site is available for sharing existing plans, GIS layers, and other relevant information. Click here to learn more about sharing information.


Project tracking features the latest project content and news. Visit this section often to stay up to date on the most current project information. The content in this section is organized with the most recent materials located at the top.


Local Input

Major emphasis will be given towards identifying potential demand for passenger rail service throughout the planning process. In addition to reviewing existing transportation data, surveys will be distributed widely across the New River Valley as well as adjacent communities, and conducted at specific on-site locations. Each survey will be available online here. Once surveys are closed, the results will also be available on this page.

Leaders from throughout Virginia’s New River Valley region have formed a partnership to bring passenger rail service to the area by 2020. With AMTRAK passenger rail coming to Roanoke in 2017, community leaders are hopeful that the Commonwealth of Virginia will support extending the service to communities comprising the largest urban concentration west of Roanoke. Click here to read the news release.


Reviewing Local, Statewide, and National level plans and developing case studies is an important component of the planning process. This section provides links to the supporting documents that were reviewed during plan development.

Data Sharing

This website is the primary tool for sharing information regarding the study. The site also offers a portal for local stakeholders to share content that supports the planning process. To access the ftp site, request a user name and password by e-mailing: Once you receive login information, access the ftp site by clicking on this link.


This study is funded by the New River Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (NRVMPO). The NRVMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for guiding the planning process and reviewing the draft plan. Once the TAC has recommended plan approval, the New River Valley Passenger Rail Committee will review and consider endorsing the document. The final step of the planning process requires the NRVMPO Policy Board to review and officially approve the plan. If you have questions regarding the study or planning process contact:


Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Mark Warner

Congressman Morgan Griffith

Senator Ben Chafin

Senator John Edwards

Delegate Nick Rush

Delegate Joseph Yost